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Beauty is More than Skin Deep

Whilst we all accept that Beauty, from a visual point of view at least, is in the eye of the beholder, most of us would like to make the best of what we have. It just makes us feel better in ourselves and that bit more confident as we step out into that ‘brave new day’.

As such Skincare has become a multi-billion $ industry with much science and research behind it, that over the years have produced some very worthwhile and effective products. These products span a wide range of prices and include many well-known ingredients including, Humectants, Retinol, Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Peptides, Oils and many more.  

These ingredients, in whatever combination, can improve and enhance our skin and, to a certain extent, the more you pay will usually mean the better you get, as higher quality ingredients and blends come at a price.

However, once you have made your choice, it is a fact that skincare products rarely penetrate deep into the skin, mostly due to their molecular structure. It usually requires specific chemical agents to make creams and elixirs to go deeper into our skin and these are generally found in the higher priced Ranges.

Whatever your personal choice of Brand or ingredient and whatever you spend on skincare, it surely makes sense to protect and enhance our skin from the inside as well. By having a diet rich in the ingredients that we look for in our skincare products, we can achieve the best results.

That was the reason we developed our Inner Beauty supplement to bring those ingredients to you, in an effective formulation that includes ‘Hyaluronic Acid’, Retinol and Collagen Boosting properties together with our Seagreen-H2 Marine Microalgae Blend to give your skin the best possible start to the day.

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Your Gut - Or Your Life

Few people understand just how important your Gut Microbiome is to your life, not just the effectiveness of virtually every function of your body, but as recent studies suggest, how long you live.

There are trillions of microbes that exist in the human body. These are mainly to be found in your intestines. They are largely bacteria, viruses, and fungi, which are collectively referred to as the Gut Microbiome, of which bacteria are by far the most studied.

Estimates suggest you have more Bacterial cells than Human cells in your body 40trn v 30trn.  There are up to 1,000 species of Bacteria involved in the Human Gut Microbiome, each playing a different role.

Weighing up to 2kg, similar in weight to the brain, they are effectively an extra organ in your body which is crucial for your health. They are very much involved in controlling your Digestion, Immune system, and your Brain Health, such that without them it would be difficult to survive.

The Gut Microbiome affects the body from birth throughout your life controlling, as mentioned before, your digestion, immunity, the central nervous system, and other bodily processes. It plays a role in intestinal diseases like IBS whose effects are caused by Gut Dysbiosis. A healthy Microbiome prevents disease-causing bacteria from sticking to the intestinal walls and helps avoid such illnesses developing.

The Microbiome is even related to Heart Health, promoting ‘good’ HDL cholesterol, but an unhealthy gut can lead to artery blocking, by producing a chemical known as TMOA leading to heart attacks or strokes particularly in diets high in red meat and animal products.

The Gut Microbiome is also linked to the control of blood sugar levels, and it has been discovered that there is a rise in unhealthy bacterial species, just before the onset of type 1 Diabetes.

When it comes to our Brain, certain bacteria help produce chemicals called neurotransmitters such as serotonin that is mostly made in the Gut, which is connected to the Brain through millions of nerves. Studies have also shown that people with psychological disorders have different strains of bacteria in their guts compared to healthy people.

Its’ no wonder that one of our first products was our Gut Microbiome Formula to help strengthen and support your whole body.

Experts have said that ‘a varied diet, with fruit, vegetables, fermented foods, and whole grains’, and which also contains both Prebiotics and Probiotics is best for the Gut. They also suggest a plant-based diet is healthier and that a Probiotic Supplement is recommended, as well as avoiding Antibiotics where possible.


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9 Benefits Of Marine Microlagae


Healthy You

  • As Marine Microalgae are ‘plants’, they are Vegan, and as they are also the basis of all life on the planet - our body knows what they are, making them highly absorbable.
  • They contain every Vitamin and every Mineral including Trace minerals and as such, provide an ideal supplement to our diet.
  • They are also the original source of Omega 3 fatty acids. We are told to eat oily fish to get these, but fish don’t make Omega 3’s they get them from their food chain which starts with Marine Microalgae.
  • They can, and will increasingly be, added to other foods such as Pasta, Bread, Sauces and Spreads and will be able to substantially increase the nutritional value of such foods.
  • Being more than 50% Protein, they also contain all the amino acids that aid and promote the formation of Collagen in our bodies for both health and beauty.

Healthy Planet

  • The Marine Microalgae we use are 100% sustainable, are not harvested from the Oceans, and are grown in carefully controlled environments, providing an amazing foodstuff whilst doing no harm to the planet.
  • Being unchanged for 3.4bn years they are the base of the food chain that supports all life on the planet, every plant and animal owes their existence to these microscopic organisms. About the size of a blood cell, just one capsule of our ‘Seagreen Pure’ contains approx. 2 billion of them.
  • They capture CO2 as part of photosynthesis and are an important part of the climate balance and therefore have the potential to help control climate change.
  • Scientists believe the ‘best is yet to come’, there are believed to be between 800,000 and 1m species in the oceans. As of now, we have only named some 30,000 species and are only farming a fraction of those. Many potential medical and ecological applications are being studied with some extremely positive results.
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Do We Need Supplements ?

A question many people ask, to which in the perfect World, the answer is probably no.

As a Race we have existed for many thousands of years without them. However, it is obvious that as our diets have improved and a wider variety of foods have been internationally available, we live longer, are taller and are generally fitter. Medical advancements, education, nutritional knowledge, and lifestyle fitness routines have also all contributed to this improvement.

However, whilst we are much more aware of what we should eat, a number of factors conspire to make this ‘awareness’ hard to convert into reality. It requires both knowledge and commitment to achieve the perfect diet. We lead much busier lives than ever, and work, family and social commitments eat into our time. Also, the availability of convenience foods in supermarkets and fast-food outlets, that offer cheap alternatives to cooking, make our choices more difficult.

Add to that the effects of over farming of crops and livestock, together with the overfishing of our oceans, has meant that the nutritional value of many of our staple dietary products has declined, whilst at the same time affecting our climate and introducing chemicals and pesticides into our food system.

There is no doubt that a well-balanced, colourful, and varied ‘Mediterranean’ style diet is the right answer for us whether vegan, vegetarian or as an omnivore.

Where this is not always possible for us to achieve, Supplements can play a significant role. Our requirements can also depend on where we live. For specific Vitamins such as D, we are dependent on exposure to sunlight, not always possible in more northerly climes.

It seems the Medical world also recognises the benefits of Supplements! Having recently suffered a badly broken hip in a freak accident, I spent a few weeks in hospital, followed by some wheelchair time, and was impressed by the fact that 3 different Vitamin Supplements were prescribed as part of the ‘healing’ process in the form of A, D3 and Iron.

Supplements, as the name suggests, are there to ‘supplement’ an existing healthy diet and certainly not as a substitute for one. But for many they are a necessary and important addition to their diet. Always read about the actual benefits of the Supplements that you choose, give regard to the daily required intake, see where they are derived from, and check how absorbable they are.

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Marine Microalgae the Future for Us and the Planet

Marine Microalgae ‘the Future for Us and the Planet?’

Marine microalgae are one the of oldest organisms on the planet, having been around for 3.4bn years, they have remained largely unchanged, as they contain everything within themselves to sustain their life through photosynthesis.

These Microalgae are the basis of all plant and animal life on the planet and through photosynthesis are responsible for up to 60% of our oxygen supply.

Apart from being a powerhouse of nutrients, as used in our Supplements, they also have many other amazing potential benefits.

Research and development are currently being carried out into the following fields:

  • Use as a highly nutritious ingredient in human foodstuffs and supplements.
  • Tests have shown that when fed to livestock such as cattle they increase the milk yield while at the same time reducing Methane production by up to 30%
  • Formulations can be sprayed on crops as a natural pesticide reducing the need for the repeated use of chemicals which are known to have dermatological, gastrointestinal, neurological, carcinogenic and respiratory effects on humans let alone the damage to the land.
  • Research is also being done into using them as a natural Sunblock. Again, much damage is done to our coastlines after millions of us ‘cover up’ with chemical based sun-blocks which then wash off into the sea harming the coastal biosphere.
  • Scientists are also working extensively on potential cures and treatments for cancer.

When considering such examples as above, it should be remembered that out of a potential of up to 800,000 strains or species of marine microalgae in the oceans, only some 50,000 have been identified and of these only 30,000 even investigated for potential applications.

One reason for this, is how recently the Marine Microalgae ‘farming’ industry has been developed. This allows for higher volume, sustainable growth of the algae at a commercial price. In the future, this industry has the potential to change not only our lives but also the effects of climate change on the Planet.



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Marine Microalgae v Fish oil and Krill oil

Marine Microalgae v Fish oil and Krill oil

Most people are aware that their diet should include ‘oily fish’ as a good source of healthy Omega 3’s (Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fats that provide DHA and EPA), that we cannot make ourselves, they need to be consumed. As such, supplements in the form of Fish Oil or Krill Oil are in high demand.

However, fish similarly do not ‘make’ Omega 3’s and the only reason they are a ‘high content’ food is because they are the top of a food chain that begins with Marine Microalgae that do contain Omega 3's. Put very simply the food chain is as follows:

Marine Microalgae / Plankton

Krill / Shrimp

Small Fish

Medium Size Fish

Large Fish

Each category eats the smaller one to get its important Omega ‘fats’ but each category has to consume large numbers of the one below it, to get the benefits. As Humans we consume all the fish and shrimp levels, resulting, with population growth, in massive and continued overfishing.

This situation is not helped by the demand for Fish and Krill Oil supplements. Currently, 25% of all fish caught goes to ‘reduction’ wherein they are turned into feed for aquaculture, animal feeds for livestock and used to create Fish Oil supplements. Krill Oil can only be harvested from the Antarctic and there is much controversy over both their sustainability and pollution from the boats that catch them.

Now, recent technology means we can go direct to the source and consume 100% sustainably grown Marine Microalgae in a daily supplement.

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Healthy You - Healthy Planet

Whilst our business concept is in bringing the amazing Health benefits of Marine Microalgae to the heart of the products we have formulated (more on that in future posts), the method by which we do this is of paramount importance to us.

At these difficult times for the planet, with pollution and climate change wreaking havoc, every little step to reduce those effects, no matter how small, is part of the journey to a better world for all its' inhabitants.

As an ingredient in itself, the Marine Microalgae that we use are 100% Sustainably grown and because they are plants, that growth therefore also results in the conversion of CO2 into Oxygen through photosynthesis. Few realise that Marine Microalgae in the oceans are already responsible for 60% of the Earth's oxygen supply, we are adding a little more.

Our aim is to be fully 'plastic free' in our operation and we are working with our suppliers in the 'chain' to ensure that this is an achievable goal, with every aspect of our business being examined. In addition to that we will be donating a percentage of our income to Climate Change and particularly Ocean Preservation projects. 

As such we at Sea Green Health have set ourselves a target to be able to qualify as a 'B Corporation' in the near future and will be undertaking and implementing all of the procedures that will enable that to happen.

Join us on that journey.

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