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At Sea Green Health, we're committed to keeping rubbish out of our products 'and' the ocean. Here's why that mission is so important to us...

February 21st, 2021A day that we won't soon forget...

It's the day we brought Sea Green Health to the world. With almost 10 months of planning and working out the kinks, we built a solid foundation of quality and ethical standards to a product line that truly reflects our motto:

'Healthy You, Healthy Planet'

When we looked at the current food supply chain and traditional company practices, we found there weren't enough companies working to do right by both Humans AND the planet. We wanted to see how we could do BE addressing these concerns in every step of our operations.

Starting with sustainably sourced, plant-based ingredients, we created a line of supplements enriched with the precious Marine Microalgae we have come to love and appreciate. Our formulas are carefully crafted for their performance and absorption abilities because taking a supplement that doesn't do what it says it will do, is a waste of money, resources, and time.

That's unacceptable in our book.

You can read more about our Algae Superheroes Here.

Next, we agreed that our products needed to have the smallest footprint possible. Meaning, our commitment to reduce plastic usage in our packaging as much as possible was a must. Our glass bottles and (soon to be available) compostable refill bags, honour that promise.

Finally, we donate a portion of all proceeds to 'Plastic Oceans', a non-profit dedicated to restoring the world's oceans from damage caused by plastic pollution.

This precious ecosystem we call home, needs our care and Sea Green Health is committed to support that work in everything we do.

We are excited to have you along on this journey to shape the future of our world, as we know, there is strength in numbers and every matter how small...makes a big difference.

Life on Planet Earth is precious. We aim to protect it.


Sereen Health was founded on the principle of personal responsibility. 

The health and wellness of our customers and the planet are at the heart of everything we do.

We know the delicate balance of life here on the planet can be heavily impacted by just ONE company and its practices so we made it part of our mission to give back in a way that would support a healthier marine ecosystem...

The very source of our foundational ingredient: Marine Microalgae. 

As we are a new company, we begin by donating a portion of all proceeds to support Plastic Oceans. A non-profit dedicated to ending plastic pollution within the next generation, their works offer education and conservation efforts to create a healthier ocean and planet. For more information on this organization and their work, check out:

As we continue to grow, we'll be expanding our efforts to support coral and reef conservancy, sustainable living education, and community events for beach clean ups.

We want our work to not just be about supplements...but a way of life in communion with our ONE world.