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9 Benefits Of Marine Microlagae


Healthy You

  • As Marine Microalgae are ‘plants’, they are Vegan, and as they are also the basis of all life on the planet - our body knows what they are, making them highly absorbable.
  • They contain every Vitamin and every Mineral including Trace minerals and as such, provide an ideal supplement to our diet.
  • They are also the original source of Omega 3 fatty acids. We are told to eat oily fish to get these, but fish don’t make Omega 3’s they get them from their food chain which starts with Marine Microalgae.
  • They can, and will increasingly be, added to other foods such as Pasta, Bread, Sauces and Spreads and will be able to substantially increase the nutritional value of such foods.
  • Being more than 50% Protein, they also contain all the amino acids that aid and promote the formation of Collagen in our bodies for both health and beauty.

Healthy Planet

  • The Marine Microalgae we use are 100% sustainable, are not harvested from the Oceans, and are grown in carefully controlled environments, providing an amazing foodstuff whilst doing no harm to the planet.
  • Being unchanged for 3.4bn years they are the base of the food chain that supports all life on the planet, every plant and animal owes their existence to these microscopic organisms. About the size of a blood cell, just one capsule of our ‘Seagreen Pure’ contains approx. 2 billion of them.
  • They capture CO2 as part of photosynthesis and are an important part of the climate balance and therefore have the potential to help control climate change.
  • Scientists believe the ‘best is yet to come’, there are believed to be between 800,000 and 1m species in the oceans. As of now, we have only named some 30,000 species and are only farming a fraction of those. Many potential medical and ecological applications are being studied with some extremely positive results.