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Marine Microalgae v Fish oil and Krill oil

Marine Microalgae v Fish oil and Krill oil

Most people are aware that their diet should include ‘oily fish’ as a good source of healthy Omega 3’s (Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fats that provide DHA and EPA), that we cannot make ourselves, they need to be consumed. As such, supplements in the form of Fish Oil or Krill Oil are in high demand.

However, fish similarly do not ‘make’ Omega 3’s and the only reason they are a ‘high content’ food is because they are the top of a food chain that begins with Marine Microalgae that do contain Omega 3's. Put very simply the food chain is as follows:

Marine Microalgae / Plankton

Krill / Shrimp

Small Fish

Medium Size Fish

Large Fish

Each category eats the smaller one to get its important Omega ‘fats’ but each category has to consume large numbers of the one below it, to get the benefits. As Humans we consume all the fish and shrimp levels, resulting, with population growth, in massive and continued overfishing.

This situation is not helped by the demand for Fish and Krill Oil supplements. Currently, 25% of all fish caught goes to ‘reduction’ wherein they are turned into feed for aquaculture, animal feeds for livestock and used to create Fish Oil supplements. Krill Oil can only be harvested from the Antarctic and there is much controversy over both their sustainability and pollution from the boats that catch them.

Now, recent technology means we can go direct to the source and consume 100% sustainably grown Marine Microalgae in a daily supplement.