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What the Heck IS Marine Microalgae...and why should you care?

What the Heck IS Marine Microalgae...and why should you care?

Marine microalgae are the most underrated health food on the market today in our humble opinion.

As some of the oldest organisms on Earth, they've been around for a whopping 3.4 billion years! These tiny organisms are responsible for up to 60% of our planet's oxygen supply and form the basis of all plant and animal life on Earth.

Marine microalgae have amazing potential for supporting all forms of life on this planet. For starters, they're a powerhouse of nutrients that can be used in supplements and even in human foodstuffs. And did you know that when fed to livestock like cattle, they can increase milk yield while reducing methane production by up to 30%?

But it doesn't stop there -

Marine microalgae can also be used as a natural pesticide, reducing the need for harmful chemicals that can damage our health and the environment. They're even being researched as a potential natural sunblock, which could help protect our skin without damaging the ocean's delicate ecosystems.

And get this - scientists are even working on using marine microalgae to develop potential cures and treatments for cancer. With up to 800,000 strains or species of marine microalgae in the ocean, there's so much potential for this incredible resource to help improve our lives and combat climate change.

So what's holding us back?

Well, until recently, the marine microalgae farming industry was still in its infancy. But now, with higher volume and sustainable growth at a commercial price, the potential for this industry to change our lives and the planet's future is enormous.

Keep an eye out for marine microalgae - as a superfood supplement, they go beyond greens and into a viable solution for healing both us and the planet!