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Healthy You - Healthy Planet

Whilst our business concept is in bringing the amazing Health benefits of Marine Microalgae to the heart of the products we have formulated (more on that in future posts), the method by which we do this is of paramount importance to us.

At these difficult times for the planet, with pollution and climate change wreaking havoc, every little step to reduce those effects, no matter how small, is part of the journey to a better world for all its' inhabitants.

As an ingredient in itself, the Marine Microalgae that we use are 100% Sustainably grown and because they are plants, that growth therefore also results in the conversion of CO2 into Oxygen through photosynthesis. Few realise that Marine Microalgae in the oceans are already responsible for 60% of the Earth's oxygen supply, we are adding a little more.

Our aim is to be fully 'plastic free' in our operation and we are working with our suppliers in the 'chain' to ensure that this is an achievable goal, with every aspect of our business being examined. In addition to that we will be donating a percentage of our income to Climate Change and particularly Ocean Preservation projects. 

As such we at Sea Green Health have set ourselves a target to be able to qualify as a 'B Corporation' in the near future and will be undertaking and implementing all of the procedures that will enable that to happen.

Join us on that journey.